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Any number of problems can stop you from getting a car, despite having solid income. The most frustrating, by far, is having bad credit or no credit.  This can result in being turned away from dealerships and a lot of wasted time.

GetACar is here to help.  Every dealership handles credit differently, and our free service is designed to simplify your purchase by matching you with a local GetACar Certified Dealerships who can not only help, but WANTS YOUR BUSINESS.

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Our GetACar team is available and ready to help you find your new car today.   Click here to get yourself moving!

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The auto industry is constantly changing, making it increasingly difficult for dealers to find customers like you who they are capable of helping.

Our GetACar Certified Dealers are given the opportunity to reach more customers whom they are better suited to assist.

The GetACar program educates you about the car buying process and matches you with the most suitable dealer in your area, saving both TIME and MONEY!

You DESERVE the best!

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Regardless of income or credit, We can get you behind the wheel!  YOU are our most valuable asset.

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